pikachu fun – connect the same animal,noel,pet images




PIKACHU FUN is another version of the classic Pikachu game that attracted thousands people all over the world . Nevertheless, players have chance to play with 3 different topics with a lot of increasingly difficult levels.

children helper – thinking logic, reflexive



Children Helper is a really good app for training your baby. It help your child thinking logic, reaction more faster than as usual. Beside that with cool music and very much famous picture it wil make your child feeling more interest than ever

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  1. Hi,

    I bought the extra levels for pikachujo, but I cannot unlock past level 18. Could you please help me.


  2. 您好:
    懇請協助處理,謝謝 ^_^

    遊戲程式名稱:pikachu fun-connect the same animal………
    問題點:升級版本1.1.3的時候,原本可以玩到18關的,變成只能玩3關的免費試玩版本。不管用iPad或是iPhone、刪除重新下載、是否升級到 ios 7.0.4 ,結果都是一樣

  3. I purchased extra pikachujo to be able to pass through the levels. Well I cannot pass through levels unless I pay for them which I have been and that is not right. I was suppose to pass through the levels free when I purchased the initial package. Please fix the problem and get back to me.

  4. I bought your game : twin fun but I cannot unlock the game since level 9. Please help me to unlock the game . Thank you

  5. Bello, i would Luke to play your game pikachu game but I don’t have an iPad, my tablet uses android could you make it for android too!? It was very cool if you could :)

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